Egypt’s new capital: Ultra-modern metropolis in the middle of the desert

Egypt plans to move the capital from Cairo to a new city. This need is due to the overpopulation of the 20-million megalopolis.

“New Cairo” will become the administrative and financial capital of Egypt, the location of the main government ministries and departments, as well as foreign embassies, an airport and an amusement park.

The new city, which has no name yet, will be located east of Cairo, between the metropolis and the port of Suez.

The building area will be about 700 sq. km. New Cairo will be home to at least 5 million people.

The planning solution for the new political and business capital of Egypt is being developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing.

The new capital is supposed to be divided into several functional areas: administrative, business, cultural, innovative and residential. The residential area will consist of 100 blocks.

The core of each neighborhood in New Cairo will be a central public space, around which shops, schools and religious buildings will be located. Such a scheme of regional centers will allow decentralizing the capital and improving transport accessibility.

The city of the future will strengthen and diversify Egypt’s economic potential by creating attractive new places to live and work.

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