A subtle vision of the beauty of nature in the works of the Japanese artist Abe Toshiyuki

Few artists can master the precarious lightness of watercolor with the skill of a Japanese artist.

All the respect and admiration that the Japanese people have for their nature is fully reflected in the works of this realist artist.

Abe Toshiyuki was born in 1959 in the Japanese city of Sakata. From early childhood he dreamed of becoming an artist, but after graduating from the National Art University, he worked as a simple art teacher for almost 20 years.

In 2008, Abe stopped teaching and began to actively paint watercolors. In recent years, the artist has received several prestigious painting awards, and has also organized a large number of solo exhibitions around the world.

“I perceive watercolor not just as a genre, but more as a musical instrument. For example, you can play jazz, rock and classical music on the piano. Also, depending on the feelings of the artist, watercolor can express a lot of things, ”the artist writes.

As a true Japanese, Abe knows how to truly love, contemplate and deeply respect nature and all its manifestations. “In my opinion, for a work of art to have a real effect, it must touch deep emotions in the heart of the viewer,” says the artist.

According to him, he focuses on the most sublime things of the world around us, “the transience of the river, the fragility of cherry petals …” – a real philosophy of life can be traced in his works. According to him, for him “art is a mirror of the soul of the beholder.”

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